Built & Finished, Information

Basic Terms:

  • All Items Identified as Built and Finished are commissioned pieces of work, and are built only on demand requested by the customer
  • No two pieces are exactly the same.
  • Finishing times can vary based on complexity, size, and/or avalibility of item(s).

The Process:

  • Many of the models that we receive present different levels of quality. This means that we may be required to reconstruct, sand, fill, sculpt and/or correct pieces, to get the parts to fit in a manner to bring the model back to the original concept. We are required to work on a production schedule, however there’s always unexpected hang ups when building models. This can result in delays on our expected delivery time.
  • Some of the painting techniques used are: airbrush, dry brush, wash and other hand painting techniques.
  • Resin models are hand made, from a sculpture which is then duplicated in rubber mold form. Urethane plastic (resin), a high grade of plastic, is then hand poured into the mold(s) to create parts, which ultimately give us a resin model. These molds can only produce small production runs as they break over time and become more fragile as each model is cast, which limits production. Limited production, silicone urethane, and harsh chemicals results in a high price on most resin models.

How long will it take?

  • Build-ups for figures may take up in excess of 90 days to complete.
  • Some pieces are a limited edition, and may be discontinued after a period of time.
  • Our website may display the approximate finish time/shipping date via the customers account/order or our website may display the current state of the order.
  • NOTE: These time frames do not include the time for shipping and handling.

Shipping & Handling

  • What you are ordering are art pieces, just like you would find in a traditional gallery. Each piece is different and proposes different levels of packing difficulty. Our packer must use tissue, bubble peanuts and double boxes to insure their safety.
  • Shipping can range from $30-$100 in the U.S., depending on size and complexity.
  • Shipping Outside the USA is approximately 30% of the subtotal of items per given order.
  • Please Contact Us for more information.

Payment Information

  • All build up orders are payable in full at the time of the order. All build up orders are final sales, are non refundable, and cannot be canceled.
  • Items that have been discontinued can be substituted, refunded, or given as credit towards a future purchase, at the customers request.

Your Satisfaction

  • Since 1995, Shop.BestLove.Net has built countless commissions. We always try to do our best for a reasonable price. The art department is not a profit center for us. Instead, it is a continued service to our customers for their support.
  • ShopBestLove is one of the few offering services that professional artists assemble and paint and finish pieces offered by our website.