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12 oz Beer Mug Candle
A 12 oz Beer Mug candle which minics real beer using candle jel.
Doubles as a actual beer mug after the candle is finished
Approx 5.5 inches tall. Includes Mug, Beer Wax, and Candle Wick. Candle lasts up to 100 hours
Customer Reviews - "12 oz Beer Mug Candle"

Testimonial From: Handy quality Beer Mug bybrassman ( Michigan - United States )  

This is actually a real 12 ounce beer mug with a jel candle. The mug is very sturdy and can be used for beer when the candle is done. The candle came in handy during a party I was throwing

Testimonial From: A beer mug and a candle byarthur ( Minneapolis - United States )  

I got a set of four for my birthday, and boy was I surprized. Not only are they wicked cool candles, but they are actually real beer mugs. Talk about two presents in one. Don't tell anyone, but I have gotten them for several people as gifts. Sweet deal, man.

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