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Replacement Base and Power Adaptor For Neon Lamps

Replacement Base and Power Adaptor For the 16" Neon Lamps

Includes AC wall adaptor ...

Price: $12.95

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Blue Police Beacon Light (7inches)

Whether you’re thinking about fighting crime or just looking for a good time, this rotating blue ...


Green Police Beacon Light (7inches)

A beacon of vivid excitement. Whether you’re thinking about fighting crime or just looking for a ...


Red Police Beacon Light (7inches)

A beacon of vivid excitement. Whether you’re thinking about fighting crime or just looking for a ...


Handheld Wand Plasma Ball

Marvelously mesmerizing! Press a button to activate a swirling pulsation of colored light in the globe. ...


Neon Skull and Crossbones Lamp w/ Base and

A heady decoration for any room needing that certain extra attitude. This 13" tall neon lamp ...

Price: $45.95

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Route 66 LED Motion Sign - 19x19

A classic way to get your kicks on Route 66. Plug in this luminous LED sign ...

Price: $37.95

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USA Flag LED Motion Sign - 19x19

The Stars and Stripes in bright lights! Plug in this luminous LED sign and watch it ...

Price: $37.95

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Large Blue Omni Motion Lamp [15in]

Flick a switch to set a soothing mood. These motion lamps provide endless visual amusement while ...


Red Green Laser Light Mini Kaleidoscope Holographic Star

An extraordinary essential for DJ�s, club owners, and party throwers, and collector. Turn your room into ...


Hanging Flame Lamp [8in]

An alluring artifact perfect for black light parties or raves. Attach the flame fabric with its ...

Price: $22.95

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Dazzling Large Plasma Ball [1 foot tall]

This Plasma Ball has a dazzling display of interactive mastery! Just plug it in, switch it ...


Portable Automatic Bubble Machine Maker for Parties

A little dynamo of a bubble machine that really cranks 'em out. This top quality, yet ...


Twin Motion Lamp, Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid and Purple

Dual grooviness! This exceptional motion lamp features twin chambers, providing a mesmerizing visual contrast. No batteries ...

Price: $38.40

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Multi Color Mode LED Fiber Light [14in]

Fiber optic fun with the flick of a switch. Enjoy a dynamic display of pulsating multi-color ...

Price: $9.99

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Gargoyle Statue Plasma Ball [8in]

This impressive Gargoyle statue will liven up any desk or bookshelf, and makes a great decorative ...


Flying Dragon Plasma Ball

This A Flying dragon statue stands approx 9 inches tall. A breast an electric 3in plasma ...


Devil Head Plasma Lightning Ball Plasma ball

This statue stands approx 8 inches tall. A top mounted electric 3in plasma nebula ball.
Constructed ...

Price: $29.95

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Game Room LED motion Sign [19in x 10in]

Game on! The perfect electronic decoration for your game room. This LED sign lights up and ...

Price: $24.99

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Multi Color Wobble LED Lamp

The multi colored LED wobble lamp displays an array of different color combination, fading them in ...

Price: $16.99

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Multi Color Mood Fading Changing LED Lamp [15in]

This LED Multi Color change lamp has 3 auto color changes. The color changes fade and ...

Price: $25.95

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LED Light Sabre Motion Active Sword [sound /

Sight, sound, and motion are the keys to this spectacular prize. When you push a button, ...

Price: $10.95

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Jellyfish Mood Lamp [10 in]

A relaxing conversation piece and stress reliever. Three jellyfish replicas float gracefully in glorious color. Press ...

Price: $38.95

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Large Writing Neon LED Message Tablet [15x24] w/

This LED tablet allows you to make colorful hand written messages. Great for kitchen use, Class ...

Price: $49.94

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56 LED 40 Inch Multi Color Light Linkable

A spectacular party accessory for the game room or media center. This 40 inch tubular light ...

Price: $29.95

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Mini Active Volcano Simulation Lamp

This unique prize provides explosive fun. Fill with water and add some dish detergent. Now press ...

Price: $19.95

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Light Up Candle

This cool prize provides the flicker without the flame. Flick the switch on the base element ...

Price: $6.50

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Open LED motion Sign (Hangable) [10x19]

A luminous decoration for your entertainment center. Plug it in to watch it light up and ...

Price: $29.95

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Personal LED Change Light Up Blade less Fan

It's easy to be enthralled by this unique multi-functional device. Although there are no blades, moving ...


8" Butterfly Plasma Lamp With 5" Sphere

A scintillating party accessory guaranteed to enthrall your guests. This plasma ball produces amazing visual effects. ...

Price: $25.95

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