Perl in a Nutshell

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Perl in a Nutshell

Perl in a Nutshell
by Ellen Silver, Stephen Spainbour & Nathan Patwardban

Perl in a Nutshell is a comprehensive reference guide to the Perl programming language. This book covers all the core features of the language. It ranges widely through the Perl programmer's universe, gathering together in convenient form a wealth of information about Perl itself and its application to CGI scripts, network programming, database interaction, and graphical user interfaces. It also gives detailed coverage about using Perl within a Win32 environment.This book assembles more information about the language in one place than any other reference work. Here are just some of the topics covered in the book:

* Basic language reference
* Introduction to using Perl modules
* Perl and CGI: CGI basics,, mod_perl
* DBI, the database-independent API for Perl
* Sockets programming in Perl
* LWP, the library for World Wide Web programming in Perl
* The Net::* modules

As part of the successful "in a Nutshell" series of books from O'Reilly & Associates, Perl in a Nutshell is for readers who want a single reference for all their needs.

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