Linux in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition

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Linux in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition

Linux in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition O'Reilly
by Ellen Siever

Linux in a Nutshell covers the core commands available on common Linux distributions. This isn't a scaled-down quick reference of common commands, but a complete reference containing all user, programming, administration, and networking commands.Contents include:

- Commands with complete lists of options
- Shell syntax for the bash,and tcsh shells
- Pattern matching
- emacs, vi, and ex editing commands
- sed and gawk commands
- Perl quick-ref
- LILO and Loadlin options
- Software development commands

This book also documents a wide range of GNU tools for UNIX users who have GNU versions of standard UNIX tools. You'll find all the essential commands you need to run your system, as well as all the commands that historically have been included on UNIX systems.

New material in the second edition includes the popular LILO and Loadlin programs used for dual-booting, a Perl quick-reference, and RCS/CVS source control commands.

Linux in a Nutshell is a must for any Linux user; it weighs less than a stack of manual pages, but gives you everything you need for common, day-to-day use.

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