Engineer's Mini-Notebook Op Amp IC Circuits


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Engineer's Mini-Notebook Op Amp IC Circuits Radio Shack Paperback

Engineer's Mini-Notebook Op Amp IC Circuits Radio Shack Paperback



Powering OP-Amps


Circuit Assembly Tips

74IC OP-Amp

339 Quad Comparator

386 Audio Amplifier

Basic Inverting Amplifier
Unity Gain Inverter
Non-Inverting Amplifier
Unity-Gain Follower
Transcondustance Amplifier
Transimpedance Amplifier
Single-Supply Amplifier
Audio Amplifier
Summing Amplifier
Difference Amplifier
Dual-Supply Integrator
Single-Supply Integrator
Dual-Supply Differentiator
Single-Supply Differentiator
Peak Detector
Inverting Clipper
Non-Inverting Clipper
Bistable RS Flip-Flop
Monostable Multivibrator
Basic Comparator
Basic Window Comparator
3-Step Sequencer
Bargraph Voltmeter
Light-Activated Relays
Light-Activated Alerter
Dark-Activated Alerter
Light-Sensitive Oscillators
High-Sensitivity Light Meter
Sound-Level Meter
Sound-Activated Relay
Percussion Synthesizer
Piezo Element Driver
Low-Pass Filter
High-Pass Filter
60-Hz Notch Filter
Tunable Bandpass Filter
Mini-Color Organ
Square Wave Generator
Sine Wave Oscillator
Function Gererator

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