Comcast XR2 Xfinity Remote Control DVR


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Comcast XR2 Xfinity Remote Control DVR HD TV Remote XR2 Version R2

Comcast XR2 Xfinity Remote Control DVR HD TV Remote XR2

The XR2 Remote Control - redesigned to improve the XFINITY TV viewing experience. The new XR2 Remote Control is rolling out with XFINITY set-top boxes running the latest version of the On-Screen Guide (X1 Platform from XFINITY) and with High-Definition (HD) Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) devices. This new remote is smaller and easier to handle, putting the buttons you use most often within easy reach. Plus, there are fewer buttons so you can quickly find the functions you're looking for.

*Small and easy to handle: The XR2 Remote was designed to be comfortable to hold. The buttons used most often are within easy reach.

*Battery level indicator: Now you can test the battery power of your remote with a few simple button presses.

*Environmentally Friendly: Less materials and less power were used to make the XR2 Remote.

*Aim Anywhere Control (RF Capability Compatable with the Aim Anywhere Receiver): With certain set-top boxes, as well as with HD DTA devices, the XR2 Remote has the ability to control your set-top box or HD DTA even if they are stored in a closet or another room, up to 50 feet away.


  • The XR2 Remote
  • Instructions
    AA Batteries x 2
  • Marker stickers

Prior to ordering verify the version is compatible with your existing system.

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