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Arris Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery for Modems BPB026S [ARCT02220C]

For use with Arris modems and other similar devices.

8 Hour Battery Pack
Touchstone Modem Back-Up Battery Pack
Model: ARCT02220C
Integrated Battery for the Touchstone eMTA
2 Cell. 8.4 Volts. 2.4 Ah
This is a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which provides backup power for the ARRIS Touchstone Model TM852 or TM852G eMTA.

This battery pack is also tested for the following Touchstone models:
TM502G / TM502H / TM504G / TM504H / TM602G / TM602H / TM604G / TM608G
TM702G / TM722G / WTM552G / WTM652G / TM802G

Battery hold times are typical and can be influenced by the age of the battery, the charging state, storage conditions and operating temperature as well as factors such as data and voice usage. The estimated service life of a lithium-ion battery is 6 to 10 years but can be reflected by environmental issues too.

Please consult your Arris device user manual for compatibility.

Prod ID: ARCT02220
8.4volts @ 2600mAh
Charging Current: 0.115A

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