ZIGBEE HA Appliance Module By CentraLite

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Condition: new

Category: electronics

ZIGBEE HA Appliance Module By CentraLite

The CentraLite ZIGBEE HA Appliance Module uses the Zigbee Home Automa-tion(HA) communication protocol to link with other Zigbee HA devices. Each Appliance Module acts as a router for messages sent through the Zigbee network.

Status LED
Load control from button on Appliance Module
Ease of installation
Compatible with other Zigbee HA certified level controllers
Rated: 120 VAC, 60Hz
Rated 1800W Incandescent
Rated 1000W Fluorescent, ISA Resistive and 1/2 HP Motor loads (ffi 120V AC)

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