8" Butterfly Plasma Lamp


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8" Butterfly Plasma Lamp With 5" Sphere

A scintillating party accessory guaranteed to enthrall your guests. This plasma ball produces amazing visual effects. Multi-color electromagnetic waves illuminate a glowing butterfly design. When you place your finger on the orb, the waves react directly to your movement. When you slide the selector switch to audio mode, the waves react to sound and music. Bottom line; its incredible! Includes AC adapter. Each piece in colorful printed box.
The lamp is 8 inches tall with a 5 inch Sphere.

Recommended for ages 12+

Usage Warning
This is a Novelty Lamp, not to be used as constant lighting. This unit has an operational limitation per use, and requires a rest time in between uses. Extended use or over use may cause damage to the unit and may render it nonoperational. Use of a timer (not included) is highly recommended. This is a delicate item and must be handled with care. Manual, Care and Instructions included

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