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Lost in Space - Season 2, Vol. 1 (1965)

* Actors: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy
* Writers: Irwin Allen
* Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, Dubbed, Full Screen, NTSC, Subtitled
* Language: English (Dolby Digital 1.0), French (Dolby Digital 1.0), Spanish (Dolby Digital 1.0)
* Subtitles: English, Spanish
* Dubbed: English, French, Spanish
* Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
* Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
* Number of discs: 4
* Rated: NR (Not Rated)
* Studio: CBS Television
* Run Time: 815 minutes

Special Features:
16 color digitally remastered original episodes on four discs

Get ready for another blast of classic Sci-Fi adventure, with more of Irwin Allen's Lost in Space!

This inspiring intergalactic odyssey is an enduring T. V. favorite, featuring America's most beloved outer space family. plus Dr. Zachary Smith and Robot B-9! Season 2 finds the Jupiter 2 and it's crew embarking on more colorful adventures through even stranger worlds and undiscovered galaxies, So suit up, space fans, you don't want to miss a minute of Season 2's out-of-this-world fun!

Episode List:

Blast Off Into Space
S2, Ep1 - 14 Sep. 1966
A space miner is blasting the planet apart and the Robinsons have to leave even though Smith wants to stay and become rich.

Wild Adventure
S2, Ep2 - 21 Sep. 1966
Smith finds the course back to earth, but a space female lures Smith out of the ship and saving him again leaves the crew of the Jupiter 2 lost in space.

The Ghost Planet
S2, Ep3 - 28 Sep. 1966
Smith makes the Jupiter 2 land on a planet occupied by cyborgs.

The Forbidden World
S2, Ep4 - 5 Oct. 1966
On their next planetary stop the Robinsons encounter a hermit that plans to attack the Jupiter 2 with his army.

Space Circus
S2, Ep5 - 12 Oct. 1966
A space circus comes to town and the owner wants Will to run away with it.

The Prisoners of Space
S2, Ep6 - 19 Oct. 1966
The Robinsons are tried for space crimes and the evidence shows that Smith is really responsible for the mishaps.

The Android Machine
S2, Ep7 - 26 Oct. 1966
Doctor Smith creates an android that they teach to be more human. A humanoid shows up looking for payment for the android.

The Deadly Games of Gamma 6
S2, Ep8 - 2 Nov. 1966
Dr. Smith ends up in a boxing match with some space gladiators. If he wins he will return to earth and if he loses it won't matter because earth won't be there.

The Thief from Outer Space
S2, Ep9 - 9 Nov. 1966
Will, Penny and Dr. Smith get involved with a thief that is searching for a princess.

Curse of Cousin Smith
S2, Ep10 - 16 Nov. 1966
Jeremiah Smith shows up to kill Doctor Smith for his inheritance.

West of Mars
S2, Ep11 - 30 Nov. 1966
Zeno, an intergalactic gun fighter, is Doctor Smith's doppelgänger, and he switches places with Smith. Smith confesses to Zeno's crimes out of fear.

A Visit to Hades
S2, Ep12 - 7 Dec. 1966
An alien harp is found that is a gateway to a planet that resembles hell.

The Wreck of the Robot
S2, Ep13 - 14 Dec. 1966
The robot is stolen to create more robots so they can conquer the earth.

The Dream Monster
S2, Ep14 - 21 Dec. 1966
Doctor Smith agrees to give away the emotions of the Robinsons to an alien looking for some in exchange for a trip home.

The Golden Man
S2, Ep15 - 28 Dec. 1966
The Robinsons come between a race of gold men and a race of green men who are at war. Penny meets the green alien and befriends him.

The Girl from the Green Dimension
S2, Ep16 - 4 Jan. 1967
The same woman who lured Smith into space returns still in love with Smith. He agrees to return to her dimension and Will gets turned green.

The Questing Beast
S2, Ep17 - 11 Jan. 1967
A space knight is following the questing beast who Penny becomes friends with.

The Toymaker
S2, Ep18 - 25 Jan. 1967
Smith and Will find a toymaker's world inside an alien merchandise ordering machine.

Mutiny in Space
S2, Ep19 - 1 Feb. 1967
A space pirate looking for his crew that mutinied find Will and Dr. Smith trying to repair his empty ship.

The Space Vikings
S2, Ep20 - 8 Feb. 1967
Through some harmless playacting, Dr. Smith unintentionally conjures up the magical gauntlets and war hammer of the Norse god Thor. Taking him for a mighty warrior, Brynhilda spirits Smith off to Asgard for a showdown with Thor.

Rocket to Earth
S2, Ep21 - 15 Feb. 1967
A space wizard conjures up a spaceship so that Doctor Smith can return to earth.

Cave of the Wizards
S2, Ep22 - 22 Feb. 1967
Just hours before the Jupiter 2 is to lift off to take advantage of a rare launch window, Dr. Smith discovers a cave inhabited by three devices -- part beings, part machines -- that are the last living remnants of the once mighty civilization of Draconis. As T minus zero draws near, Dr. Smith increasingly falls under the influence of the Draconians.

Treasure of the Lost Planet
S2, Ep23 - 1 Mar. 1967
Will is reunited with his friend Captain Tucker in this sequel to "The Sky Pirate." Tucker and his very motley crew -- lizardman Deek, hairy humanoid Smeek, and bipedal bison Izralim -- are searcing for a legendary lost treasure. The key to finding the booty might be a disembodied talking head in a box that is harrying Dr. Smith.

Revolt of the Androids
S2, Ep24 - 8 Mar. 1967
In the second of two sequels to "The Android Machine," Verda is sheltered by the Robinsons after she is marked for destruction by the Celestrial Department Store. To that end, the store has dispatched a killer android named IDAK (Instant Destroyer And Killer) Alpha 12.

The Colonists
S2, Ep25 - 15 Mar. 1967
A female alien meets the Robinsons and use them to help erect an arch to bring her people to colonized their planet.

Trip Through the Robot
S2, Ep26 - 22 Mar. 1967
The robot is running out of power and goes to a strange valley to die and then grows to the size of a city block. Will enters the robot to help him.

The Phantom Family
S2, Ep27 - 29 Mar. 1967
While John and Maureen are away observing volcanic activity, the alien scientist Lemnoc captures Don, Judy, Penny, and Dr. Smith and replaces them with android duplicates. Lemnoc then forces Will and the Robot to train the duplicates in survival skills, hoping that they will be an inspiration to his own people, who are losing the will to live.

The Mechanical Men
S2, Ep28 - 5 Apr. 1967
The planet is invaded by an army of tiny robots who closely resemble the Robinson's robot and acclaim him as their long predicted king. The Robot agrees to become their king, but when he is not the ruthless ruler they expected, they decide that he needs some Dr. Smith in him.

The Astral Traveller
S2, Ep29 - 12 Apr. 1967
Will and Dr. Smith find a cave that transports them to earth, 19th century Scotland.

The Galaxy Gift
S2, Ep30 - 26 Apr. 1967
Penny will not give up the belt entrusted to her by an alien even if it means their deaths.

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