Aviator Chrome One Way Mirror Lens


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Aviator Chrome One Way Mirror Lens Sunglasses w/ MF Pouch

Itís a reflection on your sense of fun fashion for the eyes. These old school aviator sunglasses feature mirrored lenses for super-sleek look. Sturdy bendable metal frames will conform to all sizes. Our glasses have an extra frame reinforcement which prolongs the life of the glasses. Protect your eyes from the harsh sun with these dark 2inch high aviator lens mirror sunglasses rated at a protection of 400 UV. For use outdoors on sunny days.
Includes a SBL high quality Micro Fiber Pouch

dimensions [5.5in w x 2in h x 4in d]

(note: These glasses may darken the vision. Not recommend for use when operating equipment or driving. Not intended for use in doors. )

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