Steel Wok 12 inches


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Steel Wok 12 inches

Perfect for cooking great delicious fast meals. This round bottom wok is a smart addition to any cookware collection, for authentic Oriental Cooking Just Like The Pro's.The wok has an all steel construction throughout the wok for even heat distribution and high performance.
You will feel good control and comfort with the wooden handle with steel shaft reinforcement, and ease of handling during high temperatures.
The traditional curved body of the Round Bottom Wok and size provides a larger cooking surface and the deep shape reduces splattering on the stovetop. The rounded wok sits on a reversible base ring which enables high or low temperature cooking and allows for multi-angle positioning in use.

Repeated use makes food more flavorful, Ideal heat conductor, even heat distribution, good temperature control and heat retention. The Handle Is Heat resistant for safe handling during high temperature cooking. Great for camping gear. Lasts a life time with proper care & improves with age.

Once seasoned, these professional carbon steel pans will render superior cooking performance for life
Designed for rapid, even heating and cooling Made for use on gas , electric burners or grills.

Wok: 12.5" wide x 3" tall, with handle: 18", Heavy weight 1.5 millimeter Steel Body
wok ring

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