Friday The 13th Anniversary Box Set

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Category: action figure

Friday The 13th Anniversary Box Set

Combining the "best of the worst" of the first two Friday the 13th films, the 25th Anniversary Boxed Set features Pamela and Jason Voorhees together. Pamela and Jason share the genetic disposition of being great at doing absolutely horrible things to people. With a creative outlook when it comes to death and murder, these two have performed "arterial art" for the last quarter of a century. With a shrine to his mother, Jason stands looking as he does in Friday the 13th Part 2, sack over his head and all. How could Jason be complete, of course, if he didn't come with an alternate head, that only his mother could love? Before Jason took to killing, his mother was the resident serial killer, as she was getting revenge for the son she thought dead. Though she may have never been able to see him grow up, in this set they look right at home with each other. Since the base pieces are detachable, you can pose them together or separately. Here is look at the full set, Jason, Pamela, shrine, and all!

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