Robocop - Action Figure - ED-209

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Robocop - Action Figure - ED-209 with Sound - NECA

One of the most eagerly anticipated action figures of all time has arrived!

Standing nearly 10" tall and totally in movie accurate scale with the 7" Robocop figures and scenary (sold separately)

Includes the Enforcement Droid 209 Series.

ED-209 is fully poseable and features incredible detail. Features include:

* Articulated head,
* Legs that slide up and down,
* Hinged arm wing panels,
* Poseable cannon arms,
* Pop-out rocket launcher on the right arm.

Features movie accurate sound effects and dialogue. Press a button and hear the hydraulic machinery sounds, the guttural metal growls, and "Warning, Throw Down Your Weapon, You Have 15 seconds to comply" and more!

This is a massive figure and finally provides a worthy opponent for Robocop!

Comes in deluxe closed box packaging featuring original illustrations and product photography highlighting key action features.

Recommended for ages 17+

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