Jimi Hendrix Action Figure

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Jimi Hendrix Action Figure

This detailed action figure includes Jimi's six-string and a beautiful custom base. The figure is based on reference from one of Hendrix's most famous American performances in the late 1960s.

Dubbed the greatest guitarist ever, the legendary music of Jimi Hendrix has spanned time, age and culture. With multi-platinum and gold albums to his credit and the prestigious title of "Greatest Guitarist of All Time" by Rolling Stone magazine among his many musical attributes, it's hard to dispute Jimi's influence on rock 'n' roll and pop culture.

The life-like figure re-creates the persona of Jimi, dressed in his blue velvet pants and white fringed shirt, with the familiar scarf tied around his hair and another wrapped around his left leg. With his left-handed guitar strapped around his neck, the performer is leaning back from his mic stand in front of an amplifier stack. The message spoken by this rendering is made clear by the raised hand of the guitarist, giving the "peace" sign to his adoring crowd.

Includes Jimi's six-string guitar and a custom base, memorializing Jimi's iconic stage presence at the historical concert near Woodstock, NY, in August of 1969. The base an authentic section of the wooden stage, complete with guitar effects pedals. The standard figure includes a guitar, small stage section, one amp stack, mic, mic stand and guitar effects pedals.

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