Dawn of The Dead Krishna Zombie

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Category: action figure

Dawn of The Dead Krishna Zombie

Product Description
Dawn of the Dead was George Romero's high point in his film career. The movie topped the infamy of the classic Night of the Living Dead, and became a legendary cult favorite to watch on any given Halloween! Now from the '70s classic comes the Hare Krishna zombie, complete with tambourine, cardboard boxes, and a stockroom display base that's modeled from scenery straight from the film!

* George Romero?s 1978 horror opus Dawn of the Dead

* one of the most memorable zombies ever: the Hare Krishna Zombie

* 7-inch figure from NECA includes a tambourine, diorama base, and supply boxes

* re-enacting the pulse-pounding final moments of the classic film

* approximately 2 lbs shipped

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