Alien Queen Boxed Set Diorama

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Category: action figure

Alien Queen Boxed Set Diorama

WOW! This diorama includes a super detailed diorama base, with a cocooned victim, that has a chest buster that pops out from the chest area, comes packaged in a full color Aliens package. This item will not be found in the Mass market order now to get one now.

Completely faithful to the movies, the Queen is rich in detail. She has multiple points of articulation, mainly in the arms and the legs. The legs, which are ball joints, can be moved easily, but initially they may be a little stiff. Her main set of arms are ball joints that can be positioned in a few different ways. Her secondary set of arms are ball-socket joints which can be moved easily, but almost too easily...they will fall out of the socket if you move them too much.

The chest burst victim is interesting. With good detail on the victim herself and the cocoon around her, the chestburster is operated through a small knob in the back of the base. You can rotate the chestburster and push it through and pull it back through at your leisure. The base itself is fairly bland but it is meant to be. The Queen is what really stands out in this set, and as I said before, it is by far the best recreation of the Alien Queen outside of the actual movie puppetry.

10 points of articulation and bendy tail
Custom Diorama Base
Trapped human with chest burster play action
Queen Alien is over 12" long

ages 13+
Choking hazard, not for children under 7 years.

*This Item is out of production, supplies limited.

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