Michael Myers diorama with base

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Category: horror

Michael Myers diorama with base

Michael Myers. The name evokes memories of a bloody Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois and a scream that will live in infamy. This 1:10th scale finished model is highly intricate and detailed and comes with a diorama that includes a decorated porch base, jack-o-lantern, spilled candy bag, knife, and a child's mask. With Michael stepping down the porch steps. Filmed in a little over 3 weeks, Halloween is one of the largest grossing independent movies of all time. With stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance, Halloween has spawned a plethora of follow-ups and look-alike movies. But as true fans know, there's nothing like the original movie to see on All Hollow's Eve. 9" tall - 1/10th scale.

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