Lost in Space Jupiter

The Flag Ship Of the Jupiter 2 Build Up Series, The Superior Version, with lots of incredible features, including a custom display case, Authentic Jupiter 2 Engine sound, fiber optics, and wireless remote control. Along with many other previous Jupiter 2 features such as detailed upper deck detailing, Rotating custom engine light and the top dome chasing light. The Jupiter-2 is Built Up and Finished.

Outstanding features:

Upper level Custom Console controls.
*Upper level illuminating side panels.
*Upper Deck Internal LED Lighting
Upper Deck Elevator Cage and Ladder
*Fibre Optic Lighting
Upper Dome rotating light custom circuit (batteries included)
Authentic Customized Cockpit Pilot Bucket Seats installed
Detailed Authentic cockpit controls
Freezer tube detailing with custom hose feeds.
Custom open port window.
Family Robinson and Don figures in suspended animation inside freezer tubes
Removable legs, Removable dome top, open portal window, Removable saucer half.
Removable saucer half.

Custom Lower level Cockpit Window made of resin gel for perfect custom fit (new).
Outer Hull Silver Finish (Upper).
Outer Hull Silver Finish (Lower).
Landing legs (non-retractable).
Engine Fusion rotating 32 light custom circuit (2 speeds) (9volt battery not included).

Authentic color scheme.
All Surfaces are finely coated and finished by air-brushing.
Printed Alien Background

Included with this version is the Authentic sound of the Jupiter 2 Engines - a ShopBestlove exclusive
- take a listen

*Custom Display Case
*Wireless Remote Control Lighting

*Production Certificate From Shop.bestlove

Please Note:
** With legs the Jupiter is 6" tall 12" wide. Actual Photo(s) shown.
**The Jupiter-2 is a 1/48th scale replica

Materials: Resin / ABS plastic / wood / Metal
Base: Included ( colors and styles may vary )

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